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ADD : Donghuan,Dinglong
        Road, Quyang County
        , Hebei, China
TEL : +86 312 4267666

       +86 312 4268666
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   On behalf of Hebei Quyang Huaxin Stone Carving Co., Ltd. to extend greetings for caring, support from all walks of life.

   Huaxin Stone Carving Co., Ltd. is a set of stone carving, processing,  installation, and international trade as a whole economic entity. Specialty of various characters statue, all kinds of fireplace,  landscape, architectural sculpture, commemorative sculpture and city  sculptures. The development of the company not only by the spirit of the courage to meet the challenges, but also from the support and help by friends all walks of life.

   Ancient innovation, carving the future. We will seize opportunities, expand the market, Create century boutiques, to carve a more brilliant tomorrow for company with our both hands. Willing to work with you to make a greater contribution for the harmonious society.

   I am very glad to take this opportunity to extend greetings to my friends, and hope to help you to understand of the Huaxin Stone Carving Co., Ltd. through this website.

   Sincere cooperation, create a better future.